Adventure Tours
Morocco is a wonderful country with rich and diversified natural landscapes that need to be protected. So, our concept is to offer sustainable and eco-friendly adventures such as hiking, trekking and meeting with local communities. With our mountain and local guides, you will have the chance to discover Morocco with a very different perspective. We will offer real insider tips, exotic landscapes, exciting Berber villages and warm human encounters.
Deserts, mountain snowy peaks and wild beaches, Morocco has every single ingredient to set up a memorable and unique adventure for you or your small group.
Far away from busy cities and crowded monuments sites, discover a different side of Morocco which will amaze you with its authentic culture and fascinate you with its natural beauty.
Book your adventure tour with us and let us take you to places you can’t find in any travel guide as they are designed differently to meet your inner expectations and needs.
We limit our adventure tours to 8 persons maximum (Two 4WD car by trip); this makes it easy for us to go to the farthest places you can imagine. Small groups are the best option to meet with local communities in the mountains and to try their local food and why not spend the night with them!

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