Local Experiences

In addition to his cultural and natural richness, Morocco has a lot of hidden treasures to offer. Our local experience tours are the perfect choice to discover some of these exotic but less discovered facets of the country such as its public bakeries and caravanserais, places where the caravans of merchants used to stop and take shelter. The caravanserai is a building that welcomes merchants and pilgrims along the roads and in the cities like Marrakech, Fez, Rabat and in the desert.

You can also join our culinary journeys. The Moroccan gastronomy is part of the cultural heritage of the Cherifian kingdom. Its ranking among the top ten cuisines in the world arouses the interest of foreigners in search of refinement and culinary delicacy. The richness and variety of Moroccan cuisine lies in the great ephemeral (Romans, Phoenicians, Europeans) and peremptory (Arabs, Andalusians, Jews, Africans etc.) migratory movements that have marked the history of Morocco.

The city of Fez, dubbed as the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, is renowned for its culinary richness and diversity. Fassi cuisine is made up of a mosaic of dishes that are significantly different from each other. Certain Fassi specialties have long been jealously preserved by the women of the city, such as Khliee (dried meat), thus making the uniqueness of the culinary art of Fez.

You can also join one of our pottery and ceramic workshops. It was in Fez that enameled and glazed ceramics were born. In 814, Idriss II welcomed thousands of immigrants from Cordoba to his new capital. Among these men are experienced craftsmen who brought with them techniques then unknown to Morocco. Pottery is no longer just utilitarian, the pieces become works of art and make the city famous throughout North Africa. At the time of the Almohad, in the 13th century, there were no less than 180 potters in Fez. There are still around fifty potters there today who each employ four or five workers and apprentices.

Even today, the workshops of the imperial city remain unequaled for the elegance and finesse of their production. Fez is also the uncontested land of earthenware and Terracotta, either blue or polychrome, with summit white background. The master potters of the imperial city compete in talent to produce finely worked and decorated ceramic pieces.

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