Dwell on the discovery of the hidden treasures of the region!

Merzouga is best known for its golden sand dunes along the majestic Erg Chebbi. But that’s not all. And it’s very unfortunate that most visitors don’t dwell on their exploration of this region, which is full of hidden treasures. We will fix it right away!

Here is a list of 10 most interesting things to do while in Merzouga:

  1. Camel treks and night under a nomadic tent in the desert
  2. Immerse yourself in postcard decors as you cross the Erg Chebbi on the back of a camel. Spend the night in the company of nomads under the stars or in Berber bivouacs in the middle of an ocean of dunes.

  3. Take an Arenotherapy Cure (Sand Bath)
  4. You suffer from sore muscles or rheumatism? Let yourself be buried in the hot sand of the Merzouga desert renowned for its therapeutic properties. Claustrophobic refrain!

  5. Discover The Culture and Music of the Gnaoua
  6. The Khamlia village, located 7km from Merzouga and nicknamed “Black Town“, reflects the indelible traces of trans-Saharan trade. Today the group “Pigeons des Sables” still play and sing the trance tunes of Saharan music, Gnaoua music.

  7. Walk through the Beautiful Oases of Merzouga
  8. The fertile oases of Merzouga appear like mirages in the desert. Sip a good mint tea in the company of oasian people who have managed to preserve their ancestral culture.

  9. Excursion to Tafilalet Palmeraie (Palm grove of Tafilalet)
  10. It is the largest palm grove in the world with its sublime plantation of date palms, but also its acacia forest where Oued Ziz and Oued Gheris meet. A moment of serenity not to be missed!

  11. Visit the Seasonal Lake of Dayet Srji
  12. In Spring only, some seasonal lakes reappear in these arid lands northwest of Merzouga. The Dayet Srji site is a favorite spot to observe flamingos.

  13. Stroll in the Souk of Rissani
  14. Stock up on local products and artisan souvenirs at the Rissani Souk, a market that comes alive even more on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I advise you to buy the dates of Tafilalet and the fabrics of the blue men.

  15. Visit The Ksours and Mausoleums of Rissani
  16. Who said that Merzouga region has no monuments to visit? Rissani is the cradle of the Alaouite dynasty. Do not miss the Moulay Ismaïl ksar and the Moulay Ali Cherif mausoleum.

  17. Go to fossick and look for fossils
  18. Erg Chebbi region is rich in Jurassic fossils, rock carvings, and minerals. Go visit galena mines, and search for trilobite fossils!

  19. Road trip in The Gorges of Todra and Dades
  20. Take the road from Merzouga to Ouarzazate, via the village of Tinghir. The road of 1000 Kasbahs crossing the valley of Todra and the valley of Dades is one of the most beautiful roads to take in Morocco.

# Bonus

Medfouna is a culinary specialty of Tafilalet region. It’s a bread stuffed with lightly spiced ground meat, poached eggs, onions, and other secret ingredients. We’re still licking our fingers!